Traveller Rode Off to New Adventures; Lucy Long’s in the Stable Now

Lucy Long at the newly renamed "Ohio History Center"

Traveller and I parted company yesterday. He rode off to new adventures; I’m making friends with my new car: Lucy Long.

When I made my selection, I remembered one of my favorite lines from “Thoroughly Modern Millie,” JLH’s favorite movie that I watched with him most Sunday afternoons. Miss Dorothy, one of the movie’s heroines, said that autos, like gloves, should be either black or white. While my first car was white, I tried something more glittery with Traveller. It was time to follow Miss Dorothy’s advice again.

While my Lucy is sleek and black, the real Lucy Long was a present to Robert E. Lee from General J. E. B. Stuart in 1862. The easy-going, quiet sorrel mare was stolen just before the end of the Civil War; she was found in eastern Virginia after Lee’s surrender and was brought home to Lexington. After she was injured while running around Washington College’s grounds, she lived the rest of her days on a Rockbridge County farm.

After keeping her distance from others in the parking garage at work today, Lucy and I hit the road for her first field trip. We made our way to a Speakeasy! Actually, it was the Ohio Historical Society’s Prohibition-themed volunteer appreciation party at the Ohio Village’s American House Hotel. I had dinner and played bingo with old friends like the archaeologist and the retired registrar with whom I used to work, as well as some enthusiastic new acquaintances who volunteer as costumed interpreters. 

Lucy’s chomping at the bit to transport her posse to more fun destinations this summer!

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2 Responses to Traveller Rode Off to New Adventures; Lucy Long’s in the Stable Now

  1. Cecilia says:

    May Lucy Long be a wonderful and faithful companion on many fascinating travels to come!

  2. Cindy Lou says:

    Lucy looks ready for an adventure! What an interesting namesake.

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