Two Favorite Things in One Afternoon: Watching “The Sound of Music” at the Ohio Theatre

Ginger’s mother thoughtfully invited me to join her for a summer movie at the Ohio Theatre. After much anticipation, we saw “The Sound of Music” this afternoon.

Posing next to one of the dwarf statues in Mirabell Gardens, Salzburg, Summer 1979

Since the CAPA Summer Movie Series is the same age as I am, I virtually grew up sitting in the front row of the Ohio Theatre with my parents every summer. We got Nails series tickets for Father’s Day, and then went to see just about every movie. During intermission, we worked on boxes of Milk Duds and Junior Mints. Once, a friend and I got to go on stage to pull the winning door prize ticket.  We even experienced an earthquake at the Ohio while watching a climactic scene of “Gone with the Wind.” After taking in all those vintage films, no wonder I spent whole weekends watching Turner Classic Movies when I lived in the Quiet Little Country Village.

While I loved seeing the stars, the sets and the fashions on the big screen, it was just as exciting to see Dennis James play the “Mighty Morton” theatre organ and hear the sound effects the organ makes. With his straw boater, bow tie, and seersucker suit, he epitomized summer fashion.

If you went to the Ohio to see movies during the summers of 1988 and 1989, there’s a pretty good chance that I sold you your ticket. I was perched in the kiosk just outside the Ohio’s front door until just after the show started. Then, I moved inside and helped count the ticket stubs that the ushers collected. Grouping them in color-coded piles to track whether series or individual tickets were more prevalent was a perfect organizational task for a future librarian.

Austrian children dodging the trick fountains at Hellbrunn Palace, Summer 1979

“The Sound of Music” is one of My Favorite Things, so seeing it on the Ohio’s big screen was a real treat. During three visits to Salzburg, I’ve posed next to the dwarf statues in Mirabell Gardens, the Baroque park where Maria and the children danced around its fountain and sang “Do-Re-Mi.” I’ve visited Nonnberg Abbey, the convent where Maria lived and was married, to see Veit Stoss’s altar. Like Maria, I’ve splashed water in the fountain of the Archbishop’s Residence and told myself that “I Have Confidence.” And I’ve dodged the trick fountains and danced around the glass gazebo at 15th century Hellbrunn Palace.

When was the last time you sank into those red velvet-upholstered seats and looked upward to marvel at the Ohio’s Spanish Baroque interior?  There’s plenty of films yet to see in this year’s Summer Movie Series!

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