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Finding Refuge at the Kelton House Amid Needlepoint Trompe l’Oeil Window Treatments and Dresden-Laden Feather Trees

Ever since I had my CSG graduation party there, the Kelton House has been a favorite local landmark of mine. Built in 1852 by Columbus merchant Fernando Cortez Kelton and his wife, Sophia, the Greek Revival and Italianate home was … Continue reading

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Symbols of Good Conduct, and of Christmas, at the Ohio Statehouse

During our tour of the Worthington Masonic Museum, Chad Simpson told us not only that President William McKinley was a Mason, but also that there’s a subtle Masonic reference in the McKinley Memorial at the Ohio Statehouse. The other day, … Continue reading

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There’s Plenty of Good Behavior on Display at the Worthington Masonic Museum

For years, I’ve been curious about the brick building at 634 High Street in Worthington. Unusual symbols painted on a sky-blue background peek out beneath the decorative dentil roof moulding. Below it, a circle of letters is carved in stone.  … Continue reading

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Move Over, Wendt and Kühn Angels, Make Way for Becky’s Christmas

Everywhere you look at Pleasant Corner, it’s Christmas. Wendt & Kühn angels and children surround the beaded Christmas tree from the Linden Laden, a new dachshund named Fritz is this year’s addition to my Sievers-Hahn nativity scene, a German wax … Continue reading

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When in Worthington, Tour The Orange Johnson House and Pick Up a Present at the Old Rectory

Two of my favorite places in Worthington are the Orange Johnson House and the Worthington Historical Society’s shop in the Old Rectory. This weekend, I paid a Christmas visit to both of them. The Orange Johnson House is one of … Continue reading

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Heinmiller Artifacts at the Ohio History Center: Uncle Henry’s Helmet and Fireman’s Speaking Trumpet, Henrietta’s Diamond Ring, a Heinmiller Grocery Store Bill Holder, and Ruth’s Photograph Album

There are some Heinmiller family objects in the Ohio Historical Society’s collection. Yesterday, Cliff, a history curator at the Society, showed a few of them to us. The helmet that Henry Heinmiller wore as chief engineer of the Columbus Fire Department … Continue reading

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Two Firsts to Report: Trying Roasted Chestnuts and Walking a Labyrinth at Chadwick Arboretum

Sting’s Songs of the Labyrinth, a collection of songs for voice and lute by, and excerpts of letters from, the Elizabethan composer John Dowland, is one of my favorite recordings. I never tire of hearing “Come Again” and “Weep You … Continue reading

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