Relax at Dublin’s Indian Run Falls Park

Need to go to the post office? Next time, run your errand at the Shamrock branch on Shawan Falls Drive in Dublin. Then, reward yourself with a few peaceful moments at Indian Run Falls Park.Indian Run Falls Park, Dublin

 I first learned about the park this past winter, after a fellow Columbus AudubonIntroduction to Ornithology classmate described a research project he had conducted while monitoring the nearby bluebird trail at OCLC.  To watch 15-year-old Stephen Bischoff give “Daily Development of Tree Swallows and Eastern Bluebirds Using Photographic and Weight Measurements,” his presentation for the 2014 Ohio Bluebird Society Conference, click here.

Bluebird trail, OCLC

Located just steps away from the post office and OCLC, Indian Run Falls Park is a tranquil sanctuary from the bustle of Old Dublin.  Park your wheels near two mysterious log cabins made of old railroad ties and cement, then chart your course for exploring this area that was once home to Wyandot tribe members.

Indian Run Falls Park, Dublin

Nature trails of compacted gravel and grass pass fields of wildflowers and dense woodlands.  A pedestrian bridge spans a waterfall.

Indian Run Falls Park, DublinStand atop it and enjoy the view; go below it to skip stones and enjoy the soothing sounds of the water.Indian Run Falls Park, Dublin

Observation decks provide scenic overlooks of rocky cliffs, a gorge and cascading streams.

Indian Run Falls Park, Dublin

Benches and shelter houses offer the perfect spots for relaxing or enjoying a picnic.

Indian Run Falls Park, Dublin

Indian Run Falls Park can also be accessed near the Dublin branch of the Columbus Metropolitan Library, located at 75 N. High St.

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