Walk A Labyrinth And Discover Dozens of Herbs At The Gardens At Gantz Farm

There’s still time to admire the last blooms of summer in the Gardens at Gantz Farm.

Visitors to this Grove City park can explore several small gardens that are planted behind a farmhouse that was built in the 1840s.  

Gardens at Gantz Farm

A picket fence protects herbs, heirloom vegetables and fruits, and ornamental plants in the Garden of Yesterday.  Castor beans, spinach and endive are some examples of the plants that 19th-century farm wives would have chosen because they could be preserved and stored for winter.  Yarrow, pennyroyal, comfrey, coneflowers, feverfew and flax make attractive complements.Gardens at Gantz FarmCurving walls and walks wend their way around the Garden of Today.  Several theme gardens feature plantings of herbs for culinary and medicinal uses.  A cutting garden populated with strawflowers and globe amaranths provides fresh and dried materials for making wreaths, arrangements and other products of educational programs.  Another area is populated with madder and other plants containing pigments that can be used for dying cotton, wool, linen and silk. Gardens at Gantz Farm

The fragrance garden is filled with the heavenly scent of heliotrope, lavender, pineapple mint and other plants.  Low-growing plants with high tolerances for frequent pruning thrive in the knot garden, where different colors of foliage and much materials produce geometric patterns.  Those who appreciate an orderly approach to life will appreciate the taxonomic garden, which groups plants in the same botanical family.

In the Garden of Tomorrow, decks, trellises, sculptures, brick pavers, quarry tile and planter boxes made of recycled lumber complement plants that provide focal points and ground cover in a landscape.Gardens at Gantz Farm

If you spot the large bucket collecting water from the farmhouse’s gutters, you’ll know that rain gardens aren’t far behind.  Low-lying areas in the garden are populated with deep-rooted, water- and drought-tolerant plants.

Gardens at Gantz Farm

Spend some contemplative moments walking the labyrinth, an ancient meditation tool surrounded by an herbal grove of American beech, sweet bay magnolia and sassafras.  When you get to the center, say something – then listen for an amazing echo!  Before you leave, walk a few of the short trails in the vicinity. 

Gardens at Gantz Farm

The Gardens at Gantz Farm is located at 2255 Home Road in Grove City, Ohio.  Click here for more information.

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