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Sweet Or Stinking, Everything’s At Home Under Bartram’s Hospitable Dome

On a sunny April morning, I sat transfixed as I listened to Joel Fry, curator of Bartram’s Garden in Philadelphia, tell the tale of a Scottish schoolteacher named Alexander Wilson whose neighbor, William Bartram, encouraged his fascination with birds and … Continue reading

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Holy Schist! It’s Time For Fifteen More Philadelphia Stories

“My stay in Philadelphia was very short, but what I saw of its society I greatly liked,” Charles Dickens reported in his 1842 American Notes for General Circulation. That’s also the conclusion I reached after last summer’s sojourn there. So … Continue reading

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Fact-Finders Are At Home Where The Buffalo Roamed

Countless times, I’ve driven right past this street sign, never thinking twice about why the secondary roadway is called Buffalo Parkway and where it leads. This week, it became an object most worthy of attention. The parkway’s final destination, a … Continue reading

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See How Frederick and Calvert Inspired Dayton Veterans

Look at a map of Dayton’s Fairlane neighborhood, and you’d think the names of the avenues were inspired by something like the Parade of Nations at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games. Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois — … Continue reading

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Grow Your Knowledge Of Mary Gardens

A Book of Hours is a beautiful thing. Vivid colors, miniature paintings and hand-lettered texts make these little medieval prayer books extraordinary works of art.   Study the decorative borders framing this devotional text from the collection of The Cloisters … Continue reading

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Sniff Out The Food Truck Topped Off With A Spatula And A Rolling Pin

Remember when King Arthur Flour’s traveling baking demonstration came to Akron, Ohio in November 2013? Now these Vermont-based bakers are hitting the road in a spiffy food truck, whipping up freshly baked batches of treats to share with foodies around … Continue reading

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It’s Been Thirty Years Since I Graduated From Columbus School For Girls, So It’s Time For A Reunion!

“Get ready – you’re going to see some train wrecks,” The Incredible Dave warned. “Drink some Unicorn Blood coffee before you go.” Such was my send-off on the eve of my reunion with my Columbus School for Girls classmates to … Continue reading

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