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Serve Tomato Aspic On “Harvest Wheat,” Just Like At Johnny’s Home

“Living History Tour.” The concept of a costumed guide at a historic site assuming the character of a person associated with that place is a clever way to engage people and give them an entirely different perspective on history. But … Continue reading

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My Work Hours Are Right Up There With “After Hours”

These days, I’m out the door before 7:00 a.m., not only to beat the traffic, but also because I’m anxious to get going on another day at 277 East Town Street. It’s been a big year.  First came a request … Continue reading

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Stretch Your Fingers And Your Appreciation Of Music Under A Tinted-Glass Ceiling

Three more hours in Philadelphia until I had to leave for the airport. Do I squeeze in lunch at City Tavern and dessert at the Franklin Fountain? How about running through the just-opened Museum of the American Revolution? Or should … Continue reading

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This Crow-Scarer Deserves A Double Take

Watching my dad plant seeds in our garden one spring day in 1973, I asked whether I could plant something too. He gave me some popcorn seeds. I put them in the ground by the air conditioner. The popcorn plants … Continue reading

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Does That Eraser Come In Shofuso Gray?

At the next-to-last stop on my tour of Philadelphia gardens, you could stock up on sushi-shaped erasers, ceramic fish, incense and other Japanese treats. Built in 1953 as a gift of friendship and post-war peace from Japan to the American … Continue reading

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Reach For The Remote At Chanticleer

Where would you rather be after 5:00 on a summer Friday? Week after week, I’d be picnicking at Chanticleer. Located in Wayne, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia, Chanticleer was the summer home of the Rosengarten family, whose pharmaceutical business became … Continue reading

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Gardeners And Tervis Tumbler-Seekers, Find Your Paradise At Mount Cuba

Have you discovered the joys of Tervis, the insulated drinkware that reduces condensation and keeps beverages their original temperatures longer? My Tervis water bottle is such a fixture that it was high time to track down a Tervis tumbler.  I … Continue reading

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