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For Those With An Independent Will To See Haworth, Start Your Charlotte Brontë Pilgrimage At The Morgan Library

There it was — a two-piece cotton and wool day dress printed with blue flowers, leaves and tendrils, with slightly puffed sleeves and mother-of-pearl and brass buttons. A pair of cloth ankle boots with leather toe caps stood beside it. … Continue reading

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Make A Chelsea Flower Show Poppy To Wear On November 11

There is no Frigate like an issue of Country Life magazine to take me Lands away. My weekly reverie in the joys of rural life in Great Britain has been my ticket for fantastic armchair voyages to see Elizabeth Gaskell’s … Continue reading

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Make Much Ado About Will This Year

Sir Walter Scott, John Keats, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy, Mark Twain, Harriet Beecher Stowe and I have something in common. We’ve all made the pilgrimage to Warwickshire, England to honor William Shakespeare. Some pilgrims take the “Sacred … Continue reading

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“For Oft When On My Couch I Lie In Vacant Or In Pensive Mood,” I Reach For My Version Of William Wordsworth’s Knee Rug

We entered the sitting room at Dove Cottage, the Lake District home where William Wordsworth wrote the poems that would make him famous.  We stood on its polished, uneven oak floorboards and looked at our surroundings. Some of us gazed … Continue reading

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You Don’t Have To Go To Durham’s Palace Green Library To Knit Two Hats Fit For Heroes

Steps away from Durham Cathedral’s carved stone columns and saintly shrines, paths lined with colorful begonias circle a grassy area known as Palace Green. Durham Castle stands to the north, while the law, theology, classics, history, music and special collections departments … Continue reading

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Yet Well I Love Durham Cathedral’s Mixed And Massive Piles

The Danish Vikings who came to England in the 9th century raided, pillaged, murdered and plundered Northumbria so fiercely that the monks of Lindisfarne decided that they had had enough. In 875, they packed up the Lindisfarne Gospels, the head … Continue reading

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Decorate Your Castle The Lindisfarne Way

Twice each day, for several hours at a time, the island of Lindisfarne is cut off from the English mainland by the tides of the North Sea. That was music to the ears of a group of seventh-century monks from … Continue reading

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