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See An Atlantic Puffin And The Amalfi Coast Without Leaving Central Ohio

My mobile cuisine experiences may be limited to a Charlie Brown moment involving beignets and a longstanding intention to track down Alice’s Aebelskabels and try the traditional Danish pancake known as aebelskiver, but this strategist is well-versed in the continuing … Continue reading

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“Watch This Cap” For The Mariners Who Will Spend A Cold, Damp Christmas At Sea

“Knit a Monmouth Cap,” the headline of an article in the Christmas 2016 issue of Early American Life, hints. Monmouth caps — named for the city in southeast Wales located between a thriving area raising Ryeland sheep and a busy … Continue reading

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Make A Chelsea Flower Show Poppy To Wear On November 11

There is no Frigate like an issue of Country Life magazine to take me Lands away. My weekly reverie in the joys of rural life in Great Britain has been my ticket for fantastic armchair voyages to see Elizabeth Gaskell’s … Continue reading

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Pauli May Not Have A Movie, But He Has My Highest Regard

Remember Eddie the Eagle? Now that’s a name from the past. Michael (Eddie) Edwards dreamed of competing in the Olympics. In 1988, he was the United Kingdom’s only athlete to compete in ski jumping at the Winter Olympic Games in … Continue reading

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“For Oft When On My Couch I Lie In Vacant Or In Pensive Mood,” I Reach For My Version Of William Wordsworth’s Knee Rug

We entered the sitting room at Dove Cottage, the Lake District home where William Wordsworth wrote the poems that would make him famous.  We stood on its polished, uneven oak floorboards and looked at our surroundings. Some of us gazed … Continue reading

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