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“It’s like musical chairs except everybody sat down around 1964.”

Crawling along West 47th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, I gaped at customers who milled around one crowded store after another, bartering with fast-talking salesmen standing behind showcases packed with rows upon rows of diamond jewelry. Dressed in colorful … Continue reading

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“Why let the Wets bluff you? Be informed!”

One of my favorite movie scenes is from On Moonlight Bay, when 11-year-old Wesley Winfield watches a silent movie about the Evils of Drink, uses the plot as an excuse for falling asleep in class the next morning, and then … Continue reading

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“Here was an Acadian scene of the richest character.”

Maine has thousands of coastal islands, but the largest one has peaks so tall that they are said to catch the first rays of sunlight each morning. The earliest residents of this isolated island were the Wabanaki, or “the people … Continue reading

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“Often I think of the beautiful town that is seated by the sea.”

On a cold, dark and dreary day in 1841, a lovelorn poet sat at a desk in his parents’ summer dining room, looked out into the garden, and brooded over the loss of those he had loved over the years. … Continue reading

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“I’ve never been bored a day in my life.”

I couldn’t tear myself away from them. Small glass showcases contained charming scenes of parlors, libraries and ladies’ hat and dress shops, all filled with antique miniatures. Sweet-faced, elegantly dressed little dolls holding hand mirrors and fans posed in rooms … Continue reading

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“We are simply killing time until we can get back to the farm”

When 18th-century French explorer Samuel de Champlain saw the forested landscape before him, he described the area of this new world as “Les verts monts,” or “the green mountains.” The name stuck, and the region eventually became known as Vermont. … Continue reading

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“Look, look, and look again and not let yourself be influenced by anyone on your likes and dislikes!!!”

Dairy cows grazing in a pasture at the foot of a wooded hill, surrounded by three mountain ranges, makes for an idyllic rural setting anywhere, but this particular one was the perfect place a New York City couple had been … Continue reading

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