What’s the Meaning of This?

When you have an alliterative name, it’s tempting for people to call you by your initials. My grandmother got into the habit of calling me “Bee,” and she even sewed two little bees on a purple dress she made for me when I was small. That’s how the industrious insect became shorthand for me.

Thanks to my library card, I frequently consult the Oxford English Dictionary for refined, interesting definitions of words. When it came to “bee,” it didn’t disappoint.  I’m a busy worker, and hopefully a sweet writer too. Here’s my favorite illustrative example from the OED’s entry: “How doth the little busy bee improve each shining hour!,” from Isaac Watts’ Divine & Moral Songs.

Rare book librarians use the term “First Appearance” to describe the first time an author appears in print, or the first time a specific writing of an author shows up in a magazine or newspaper. This is my “First Appearance” writing online.

As for the illustration in the header, that’s from my Artist Aunt’s depiction of me after school one day in first grade, striking a common pose outside my grandparents’ front door.

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Betsy Butler
Columbus, Ohio

7 Responses to What’s the Meaning of This?

  1. it’s a charming little painting, and a charming introduction to a very well-put-together site.

  2. As a beekeeper I think ‘Bee’ is a great name!

  3. lifeandlims says:

    How neat! Family history, Temple Square, books, Ohio… my own family history is centered in Ohio, and some in Columbus, and I was a missionary at Temple Square. I enjoyed the choir and the gardens regularly. Sadly, I learned absolutely nothing about the planters or the flowers.

  4. Joy Kiser says:

    Dear Betsy,

    Thank you for your lovely article about my book. Sincerely, Joy M. Kiser

  5. Claire Frances Heinmiller Parson says:

    Hi! I just stumbled across this and will have to share with the family. Claire Heinmiller Parson – Tom’s daughter. I love the coffee cake recipe post and will now have to go through it all. Do you by chance have it handwritten, I would love a copy. Claire

  6. Chris Gonzales says:

    Hello Betsy… I found your site when I saw the article on the Nordic Needle email Newsletter 07/25/2015. Did you stitch the Eliz Bradley rug? I would like to know how you put the squares together; any special technique? I would like to needlepoint a rug, too, but am hesitating because of the pieces that need stitched together. Did you follow the Eliz Bradley book when you did this? I do have her book and read her instructions….thanks for any advice or experiences you have had putting this together! Chris

  7. Chris Gonzales says:

    PS… I live in North Canton, Ohio 🙂

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