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If You Seek The Best Part Of The Meijers’ Collection, Look Under Your Feet

What prompts us to start collecting things? For Frederik Meijer, the founder of the Meijer retail and grocery chain, and his wife, Lena, it was supporting a project to have Marshall Fredericks create a bronze sculpture of Hans Christian Andersen’s … Continue reading

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Serve Seventy-Five Meals With One Empty Bowl

Once interminable January has finally finished and I’ve turned the calendar page to February, I start anticipating the arrival of the Little Black Book of six-minute prayer reflections, parish fish fries, and the Rice Bowl. This trio of tools for … Continue reading

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Start Your Farm Science Review Experience At 910 Wheat Street

Ride in a hot air balloon. Go whale-watching. Learn how to waltz. Solve Rubik’s Cube. See Stonehenge.  They’re all possibilities for a bucket list of unique things people dream of accomplishing. I checked off one of my own recently: Experiencing … Continue reading

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Discover What Life Was Like On The Ohio Frontier

Playing pioneer was fun, when my fourth-grade self set up shop under our mountain ash tree with my lunch pail and my calico-covered copies of McGuffey Readers. But when I ducked inside this authentic early-19th century log cabin recently, I … Continue reading

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From Teachers To Trash Collectors, This Is The Week To Tell Them “Thank You!”

The first thing I admired about Ed Shevlin was his hefty right forearm, all tatted up with the most magnificent portrait of Saint Patrick, Celtic knots and a proud declaration of the Irish word “Saoirse,” which means “freedom.” To someone … Continue reading

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What Word Would Have Stung You In Worthington’s “Yearly Woodstock for the Language Arts Crowd?”

The “perennial powerhouse spellers from OCLC” have become a veritable fixture at Leadership Worthington’s annual spelling bee. So described by the Worthington News in a March 25, 2009 article, the three-person team may have different members from year to year, … Continue reading

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A Trip To Tennessee and Georgia Made Me Appreciate What Civil War Soldiers Endured

To mark the 150th anniversary of one of the most significant military campaigns of the Civil War, 90 people boarded two Fun Bus motorcoaches for the Ohio History Connection’s five-day “Travels Through Time” Tour of Sherman’s March to Atlanta. As … Continue reading

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