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Grow Your Knowledge Of Mary Gardens

A Book of Hours is a beautiful thing. Vivid colors, miniature paintings and hand-lettered texts make these little medieval prayer books extraordinary works of art.   Study the decorative borders framing this devotional text from the collection of The Cloisters … Continue reading

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For Those With An Independent Will To See Haworth, Start Your Charlotte Brontë Pilgrimage At The Morgan Library

There it was — a two-piece cotton and wool day dress printed with blue flowers, leaves and tendrils, with slightly puffed sleeves and mother-of-pearl and brass buttons. A pair of cloth ankle boots with leather toe caps stood beside it. … Continue reading

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What Monk Knew How To Use Words And Images To Sell His Brand?

For months, I’ve been anticipating the arrival of two tantalizing exhibitions at the Morgan Library & Museum in New York City. Word and Image: Martin Luther’s Reformation was one of them. My travels through Germany have taken me on a … Continue reading

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Literature Lures At Rosy Brook’s Philadelphia Home

 2010 Delancey Place loomed as large on the map as my free time was small. How quickly could my feet take me to this Philadelphia destination revered by special collections librarians? After all, it was almost Bloomsday — the celebration … Continue reading

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Say “Halloa, Old Girl!” To Grip The Raven

“Ian Fleming, best known for his James Bond series, also authored what popular children’s book?”  “Which flamboyant, bon vivant author arrived at New York customs and stated, ‘I have nothing to declare but my genius.’”  “Which legendary basketball player has … Continue reading

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Improve Your General Conversation By Visiting Three Philadelphia Subscription Libraries

While Philadelphia was establishing itself as a thriving center of Colonial-era trade and government, many of its residents sought opportunities for learning and culture. One of the ways they celebrated the importance of knowledge to the cause of freedom was … Continue reading

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Take A Record: Have Fun With A Purpose At Ohio State’s Highlights For Children Exhibit

Do you hang up your wet towel, or do you toss it on the floor, hoping that someone else will pick it up and hang it up for you? If this makes thoughtful Gallant and thoughtless Goofus come to mind, … Continue reading

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