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Blooming Daisies Made for an Extra-Special Mother’s Day Brunch at Lakeside

Yesterday, the Butler triumvirate hit the road for a Mother’s Day field trip to Lakeside. Our first stop was the 19-acre Lakeside Daisy State Nature Preserve in Marblehead. This is peak blooming time for the rare, threatened plant, so the … Continue reading

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Nikolina the Nordic Needle Nisse Visits Central Ohio

Nordic Needle is a business in Fargo, North Dakota that sells Hardanger embroidery and other types of needlework. Last summer, it invited interested customers to host a nisse named Nikolina for a short visit to their home. Nikolina’s hosts were … Continue reading

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Daisies Are Blooming at Lakeside, Marblehead and the Ohio Governor’s Residence

The bright yellow flowers of one of Ohio’s rarest plants are livening up rocky landscapes in Ottawa County, Ohio. The Lakeside Daisy is in bloom. The Lakeside Daisy (Hymenoxys herbacea) is a federal threatened and state listed endangered species. While … Continue reading

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A Lakeside Birthday with Doris Day Music, Origami Cranes, “Pineapple Cream” Glads, and a Carry-Out of Patio Doughnuts

To conclude the High Holy Days, we returned to Lakeside this past weekend. The Hotel Lakeside needs no better advertisement than Lisa Ottman, the friendly lady at the front desk who was one of our favorite attractions from last month’s … Continue reading

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At Marblehead, You Can See a “Hall-And-Parlor House” and the Model for the Old Spice Aftershave Decanter

Lakeside’s neighboring village, Marblehead, is home to two historic destinations: the Marblehead Lighthouse and the Keeper’s House. The Marblehead Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in continuous service on the Great Lakes. It was built by a stonemason from Sandusky, Ohio … Continue reading

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No Daisies, But Plenty of Fresh Breezes, Marvelous Sunsets and First-Class Entertainment at the Chautauqua on Lake Erie

A rare wildflower provided the inspiration for our first vacation of the summer. Hope Taft introduced us to the bright yellow daisy named for the town of Lakeside in northwest Ohio when she included this endangered species in the alvar … Continue reading

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